Enamel, Mug and Lifestyle

After understanding the making process of an enamel products and understand the meaning and the function in our daily life. And then the matte enamel mug being made in our product development. There are couples of reasons we want to make it but simply spot in - 'Durable' 'Classic' 'Widely Used'

i am here for a break
— Printed on the bottom of the mug






There is one important element we put into the mug is - Matte Painting. The matte painting produces the low-profile atmosphere and meet the luxurious style.


Matte Enamel Mug

'It's not perfect. Because it's handcrafted and make us to feel the real world. Now i am here for a break.'

Measurement - Diameter 9 x H 4 cm (400 ml)

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Eric Hsiehenamel, mug, lifestyle, drink, coffee